Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reader Poll (that is.. if there still are any)

Although I've been enjoying my hiatus from writing on Sonoma County's real estate bubble, I'm getting angry enough at some of the real estate lobby propoganda out there I might be motivated enough to do a post to update everyone.

On the right you will find a reader poll. If you're interested vote for a potential topic with some elaboration below:

  • A series of posts featuring real estate agents who are defaulting on their mortgage in Healdsburg. It's shocking how many there are in this category. First and foremost I'd be highlighting those who aggressively pushed homes during the bubble and encouraged their buyers to take on massive debt.

  • High-end foreclosures in Sonoma County. There is plenty to write about here with more and more notice of defaults filed on expensive homes in the wine country every week. These posts always seemed to get lots of traffic in the past.

  • A simple overview of foreclosures and shadow inventory in Sonoma County. [Hint: There are still a lot of both]

  • My prediction for the housing market in 2011, 2012, and beyond. I could also cover why I was overly pessimistic (read: wrong) on interest rate increases and update my current views.

  • Other. Post in the comment section.

That's it. If anyone is still out there let me know what you think.


  1. Man, Glad you are back! Please let Patrick oc CR know! Things are getting very interesting again.

  2. Lisa,
    I couldn't agree more. The housing downward pressure has been relentless. It's seems like it's busting at the seams, now.
    I've been keeping my eye on South Lake Tahoe throughout the bubble, and I'm starting to see the prices explode on the downside. Even though many are 50% lower than the peak, I look at them and shake my head, saying, "Nope. Still too high."

  3. I check back every once and a while in hopes you are posting again- looks like I missed the poll! I'd love to hear your predictions and thoughts on interest rates. I still personally see housing as very affordable in some places that have crashed hard, but ridiculously high in others, i.e. SF Bay Area.


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